Artist Statement

Through self-portraiture, I look at the connection and difference between woman, Feminist, and “feminine” appearance. In order to reach a personal understanding of these concepts, I locate my work in domestic scenes of self-awareness and self-consciousness. The bathroom becomes one of the cruxes for me to examine an intimacy with self. I use symmetrical and frontal compositions to create a sense of control and awareness of the viewer. My self-portraits illuminate a narrative of discovery of sexuality with oneself, beginning with repression and moving towards a confidence and discovery. Varying levels of uncover allow me to to look at this, yet what remains the same throughout the work is an overwhelming pink glow.

My work is saturated with objects and settings that recall the memories mingled with perceived past lived through the lens of my grandmother’s house. Symbolism heavily influences my choice of props (real and painted). I parallel my self-portraits with self-indulgent paintings of the kitsch objects that fascinate me and strike me with nostalgia. As such, my color palette tends to be a muted pastel evocative of the 1950’s. These objects serve as surrogates for exposure of female form and sexual presence. They reference the values of my grandmother’s time and old representations of femininity, while seeking to reconcile a new understanding of expressing female sexuality as a Feminist.